Rob Ulitski - 17th Mar 2020

Eman peels back different personas in the search for her true self, in Adam Mark Brown's video for Where Have You Been?

Embodying three identities who all share the same space, Eman potters around her house and front yard with a glazed-over expression, sorrowful and empty. Whilst each of the characters have a distinctive look and wig to help tell them apart, they have all fallen victim to the crushing emotion of regret and confusion. 

Adam Mark Brown infuses a sense of isolation into his composition, examining the characters from outdoor vantage points, shooting through windows and car doors. This distance is reminiscent of the fractured relationship the artist has with herself in the video, and the feeling as if she is watching her life go by instead of actively controlling it. 

Eman gives a solid performance in each of her roles, employing subtle differences in her expression and demeanour to represent different aspects of the personality. It's a poignant and uncomfortable promo which complements the moving track. 

PRO Credits


DirectorAdam Mark Brown
ProducerEman Tiba
Production CompanyShadow Dream Films Llc
Director of PhotographyAdam Mark Brown
WardrobeEman Tiba
Make-upEman Tiba
Lead actorEman Tiba

Rob Ulitski - 17th Mar 2020

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