David Knight - 19th Feb 2020

After their impressive overhead performance video for Way2, young directors Tom Gullam and Ethan Barrett come up with another clever method to highlight London rapper Flohio's quickfire flow.

Gullam and Barrett have Flohio back where she performed in Duncan Loudon's video for Wild Yout', showing the greener side of East London: they film her on the Marshes from four different angles, cutting between them.

And the camera is also constantly zooming out, so the powerful rap of Heavy comes with an everchanging background; distant skyscrapers appearing beyond the scrubland. Which is beautiful in its own way...


We wanted to further the idea of seeing Flo from every angle.

"For the really tight turnaround on this one we wanted to make something simple that captured Flohio with all her energy as a performer. By thinking about the all encompassing perspective of our previous video that put us in a god perspective using a 360 camera rig, we wanted to further the idea of seeing Flo from every angle.

"The front, back, side to side formula we drew up seemed to do that simply but effectively, in a sort of jolty Multicam style that allows Flo to dominate the vast expanse that surrounds her. Slowly zooming backward from her in every angle was something we felt built tension for the track, as with a lot of Flohio’s music it often feels like a pressure gauge that’s about to blow because of her relentlessness as a performer.

"Even when we’re far away, she somehow manages to never let your attention go astray which is testament to her integrity and belief in herself as a musician."


DirectorEthan + Tom
DirectorTom Gullam
DirectorEthan Barrett
ProducerTom Gullam
ProducerEthan Barrett
1st ADEmily Macrander
Director of PhotographyDylan Bruce
Focus PullerKacper Kukla
ColouristBilly Morley

David Knight - 19th Feb 2020

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