Promonews - 10th Feb 2020

Singer-songwriter George Moir's debut single Blame is accompanied by a lovely animated video directed by (and starring) Moir himself, who takes a surreal journey away from the computer screens in this flat, in search for adventure and freedom.

In a charming lo-fi, cut-out style, George rises above the earth on a paper balloon, avoiding a giant peach, then drops into the ocean and performs with the fishes, before rising to the surface and driving a speedboat into the sunset. The video has a childlike simplicity, but also there is an undercurrent of anxiety, witnessed in George's face - and the fact that even the friendly fish are in therapy.

And all this is the result of 300 hours of painstaking work by the artist, in downtime from his former day job as an animator. George had previously made self-help animations for a therapist, and this magical, surreal journey is inspired by reality - there is a fair amount of autobiographical references in the video for Blame, as George explains here.  

Blame leads George Moir’s debut EP, entitled Spare Room, which will be released this March via Infectious Records.


A lot of the locations I created are based on places I’ve lived, worked, and spent time in.

“Blame came off the back of a really tough year for me. It’s basically all about reaching burnout, and not being able to appreciate reality because of personal perception.

"I was working as an animator at a TV company when I made the music video, and managed to sink 300 hours into it during lunch breaks and my free time. I wanted to tell a bit of the story behind the song using imagery from my life. A lot of the locations I recreated are based on places I’ve lived, worked, and spent time in, and I ripped some inspiration from some more personal childhood memories too."


DirectorGeorge Moir
AnimatorGeorge Moir
LabelInfectious Records / Bmg

Promonews - 10th Feb 2020

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