Rob Ulitski - 24th Jan 2020

Tom Ringsby captures a slice of life on Super 16mm for Bad Honey's new track Easily. 

An intimate portrait of family life, the visual explores the magic of day-to-day moments spent in the company of our loved ones. Simple as that. 


We threw in a few glitchy DV zoom shots – 'cos that was still cool back in 2019.

"Bad Honey approached me with the sweetest self-produced song so I wanted to carry on the intimate DIY spirit and capture a wholesome day at home with our friends Rina & Zora.

"It blows my mind how *kids these days* are gonna have pretty much every single day of their lives documented in some way. So shooting with my regular DoP Henry Gill on Super 16mm felt like it would stand the test of time amongst the vast archive of compressed digital portrait videos that Zora's gonna look back on.

"Of course we threw in a few glitchy DV zoom shots for the home-video nostalgia – and 'cos that was still cool back in 2019."

PRO Credits


DirectorTom Ringsby
ProducerTom Ringsby
Production CompanyIntergalactic Studios
Director of PhotographyHenry Gill
EditorTom Ringsby
ColouristAndi H. Chu
Grading companyElectric Theatre Collective
Film LaboratoryCinelab London
Other creditsTitles: Gemma Ross Cast: Rina Mushonga, Zora The Great

Rob Ulitski - 24th Jan 2020

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