Rob Ulitski - 9th Jan 2020

Ned Botwood directs this cosy live video for Isn’t It Lovely (To Be Alone), shot in the barn attic where the song was written.

Shot with a single camera on a cold Sunday morning, the visual was inspired by Winter pastorals and Romantic painting. Leisurely paced, it's designed to immerse you in the languorous atmosphere of a rural winter morning.

Frontman Ed Vyvyan's performance is captured with an emphasis on stillness and calm movement, stressing the quality the emotion and intimacy of the simple concept.  


DirectorNed Botwood
Director of PhotographyBen Davies
Focus PullerLina Higuera
SoundTom Rea
ColouristNed Botwood

Rob Ulitski - 9th Jan 2020

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