Rob Ulitski - 6th Jan 2020

The depths of Hell are imagined as a stop-motion nightmare in Nick Cinelli's video for Bonesaw. 

The main inspiration for the video is the Lithuanian festival Ta Terjast, where people don masks and attempt to chase away winter. There is no winter in Hell, however, so these characters are doing their best to survive in a nasty post-Apocalyptic world. The only humans roaming the decaying planet, they must be swift, brutal and deadly, and this visual explores the survival of the fittest. 

Working alongside puppeteers, set builders and VFX specialists, Nick Cinelli has created a unique world for the characters to inhabit, and the attention paid to intricate detail elevates this far above your average stop-motion video. 


"Some have described this as a 'stop-motion journey through hell', whilst others see it as a Pagan cleansing of a dystopian future. Based on Pagan festivals of Kukeri and Ta Terjast, this video imagines a polarized post-singularity apocalypse rife with destruction and gore."


DirectorNick Cinelli
ProducerJon Tanners
Production CompanyBloodcompany
Director of PhotographyNick Cinelli
Art DirectorKristina Kovacs
VFXMatthew Lee
Other creditsPuppets: Lisa Ott Set Construction: Alastair Fleming Props: Harry Saxon

Rob Ulitski - 6th Jan 2020

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