Rob Ulitski - 22nd Nov 2019

Dan Cadan and Scully bring us Christmas with a twist in their latest video for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. It's like Bad Santa meets the Ken Loach version of Bonnie and Clyde, starring Stephen Graham, and Hannah Walters.

Taking a narrative-led direction this time around, the directors' third video for Noel - and his first Nöel-related music video - is a heartfelt story of northern grit, and fighting through against sadness and hardship in true salt-of-the-earth style.

It's the story of a mum who meets Santa whilst doing all she can to make sure her kids have gifts at Christmas. As she treads carefully around a supermarket, aware of the security guard's gaze, she picks out a few items and slips them into her bag. When the guard catches on, she needs help from her guardian Santa to help make her getaway.

Then it becomes clear that they are like modern Robin Hoods, attempting to bring Christmas cheer where its most needed. And there's a lump in the throat twist in the end (if you hadn't already guessed it) for good measure.

It's a film that packs a proper seasonal punch, full of gritty, poignant seasonal goodwill. The core is that palpable emotion between Santa and the single mum - not so surprising perhaps, as Graham and Walters are a real-life couple. You may prefer this to one those perennial tear-jerking commercials trying to sell you stuff...


“This isn’t an anti-Christmas video, quite the opposite. We wanted to highlight the plight that can affect people, especially around Christmas. The pressures from commercial bombardment and a consumerist society, for a single-parent who will stop at nothing to ensure their kids feel the magic that so many take for granted.

"Stevie G is my muse and this is our third collaboration, my second with his incredibly talented wife Hannah Walters and they brought more to this than we could have dreamed – which is part of the package when working with these two actors. Their performances bring further to life Noel’s brilliant music and lyrics and we hope this fills you with Christmas cheer, and strikes chord enough for you to raise a glass to those less fortunate but equally as deserving.”

PRO Credits


DirectorDan Cadan
ProducerAyo Davis
Production CompanyThe Graft
Production CompanyRankin Film
Executive ProducerBeth Montague
Executive ProducerHannah Bellil
Art DirectorJakob Gierse
WardrobeMark Anthony
Make-upChristine Bateman
Lead actorStephen Graham
Lead actorHannah Walters

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Nov 2019

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