Promonews - 21st Nov 2019

Every summer the quiet Canadian ski resort town of Collingwood is transformed - it becomes the focus for the world's largest gathering of Elvis tribute acts. Aidan Johnston's video for Florida Pipe charmingly records this strange yet weirdly uplifting event. 

With his cameraman Nikolay Michaylov, Johnston's video for Florida Pipe's Popstars explores the ways people commemorate larger than life figures of pop culture - and realise their own dreams.


"The video mirrors the song's themes of popular music's strange immortality as it presents a generation of fans who have created their own pop-celebrity personas to keep the dream and memories alive.

"But when everyone else is vying to be the same person, is fame even possible? Or does a character as distinct as Elvis blend into the crowd when his image is multiplied at this scale? Mixing amateur acts with established career performers, we wanted to contemplate this while presenting the array of characters that make fringe festivals like these such captivating and endearing experiences.

"Shooting with just a two person crew, we made the video work on a non-existent budget that is truly indebted to the diehard performers and fans that unabashedly express their love for 'the King' and bring this festival to life every year."


DirectorAidan Johnston
ProducerAidan Johnston
Director of PhotographyNikolay Michaylov
EditorMaria Tt
ColouristKevin Luttman

Promonews - 21st Nov 2019

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