Rob Ulitski - 4th Nov 2019

Vonavi reflects on past trauma in Andrew Litten's video for Regrow. 

The short film/music video hybrid focuses on the lifelong effects of childhood trauma on the Ukrainian composer turned solo artist, and spans the life of a man told in two different time periods, as he attempts to understand how his life came to be this way.

Cleverly linking the time periods with props and match cuts, we see a boy abandoned at a gas station by his parents, and the grown up man he has become sleeping rough on the streets. In a series of cinematic vignettes, we see the man searching for his Mother, as evidenced through flashbacks, desperately trying to fix his scattered past. When he reaches the door of her supposed house, however, he has second thoughts about confronting her.

The end is left ambiguous, and the man seems to flash a smile as he is running away. Is he on his way to a better life? Is it better for him to keep going without dragging the past back up? As Litten leaves it open-ended it suggests his journey, and indeed the journey of the artist, is just getting started. 

The piece was shot on 35mm in Bakersfield, California, and DP Ben Mullen creates a raw yet nostalgic energy with his composition and lighting choices. 

PRO Credits


DirectorAndrew Litten
ProducerDylan Harrington
Production CompanyVoyager
Director of PhotographyBen Mullen
Focus PullerJosh Quiros
GafferDavid Arteaga
EditorAndrew Litten
ColouristMike Howell
Grading companyColor Collective
Lead actorDylan Cheek
Director's RepresentationOB Management
CommissionerReza Davoudi
Label61 Seconds

Rob Ulitski - 4th Nov 2019

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