Rob Ulitski - 21st Oct 2019

A struggling young salesman questions his life choices in Sensitivity, directed by Mala Whelan. 

Set up in the form of a joke, with a long build-up and perfect punchline, the darkly comic concept is copyrighter-turned-director Whelan's debut video. 

Beautifully shot under a heavy grey British sky, the poignancy in each emotion building up to the climax is mulled over in slow-motion, and executed with a confident and assured style. 

Look out for more of Whelan's work, the stunning simplicity and memorability of this project is a promising first step into the music video world. 


DirectorMala Whelan
ProducerMala Whelan
Director of PhotographyKevin Minogue
Focus PullerJohn Murray
EditorMala Whelan
EditorKevin Minogue
ColouristKevin Minogue
Lead actorCiarán Dempsey

Rob Ulitski - 21st Oct 2019

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