Rob Ulitski - 7th Oct 2019

Jonny Kaye directs a compelling companion to IVI's sensual, minimal electronic pop song, Roses in My Mouth, featuring uncompromising close-ups of the singer and co-star. 

As the lyrics in the song take the listener on a journey of heated affairs, heightened senses and a relief of romanticism, the video mirrors this with a more day-dream fantasy. It was shot on a Bolex camera and 16mm film - shot in 30 second bursts - which gives it a rough and ready texture that works with the lo-fi feel of the concept. 


DirectorJonny Kaye
ProducerJonny Kaye
ProducerAmp; Ivi
Lead actorNicholson (model)
LabelIvi Records

Rob Ulitski - 7th Oct 2019

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