Ned Botwood - 18th Sept 2019

This mesmerising video by Kevin McGlouglin is a stirring paean to human progress, set to a pounding electronica score by Max Cooper. In a series of kaleidoscopic vignettes, elements of an urban landscape duplicate, collapse and rearrange themselves in a disorienting collage. 

Repetition is reminiscent of Godfrey Reggio’s Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance, the experimental 1980s blockbuster that used time-lapse to represent the chaotic pace of the urban world. But McGlouglin’s video celebrates the worth of work and human endeavour - the desire to make sense of that chaos in order to grow and develop.

The video was commissioned by the Barbican as part of an upcoming exhibition called Yearning for the Infinite. Which makes a lot of sense. Repetition has a grand effect that evades description, and a laptop screen feels like a startlingly inadequate way to watch it. You get the impression this was designed to be watch in a huddled mass, holding your loved ones and staring up in the darkness.


DirectorKevin McGloughlin
ConceptMax Cooper

Ned Botwood - 18th Sept 2019

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