Rob Ulitski - 3rd Sept 2019

Harjinder Grewal has directed a reflective and poignant video for I Don't Want To Know, by Yeah But No. Shot for the first release of the duo's new album Demons the visual is meditative and a reflection on how we navigate our way with technology - and how it could lead to our extinction. 


"Being based in Tenerife, I wanted to take advantage of some of the many diverse locations here and construct a series of images that, without a concrete narrative or story, eluded to a bigger theme and could be interpreted in different ways. 

"The band were quite clear in that they didn't want a specific story either, so these were not explicit themes I went into production with, but were in the back of my mind and evolved throughout the shoot and edit. The natural landscapes here also inspired this direction, as they have an interesting contrast of unpolished beauty that could be apocalyptic or from another place in time.

"Likewise, our protagonist José Luis was chosen specifically as he has an inherent look that helped build upon the ambiguity of the idea, having characteristics that at the same time could be specific to many places or none."


DirectorHarjinder Grewal
ProducerYeah But No
EditorHarjinder Grewal
Lead actorJosé Luis Díaz Peralta
Other creditsDrone Operator: Michael Knight

Rob Ulitski - 3rd Sept 2019

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