Rob Ulitski - 23rd Aug 2019

Fasten your seatbelts as Eoin Glaister takes a traumatised young girl into the world's weirdest order of nuns - born to worship and trained to kill - for Carnage.

Papi Gordo, aka DJ and producer Carnage has undergone a kind of soul revival. He took a hiatus in late 2018 to do a little soul searching in the mountains of Central America and Asia, and after four months, he's re-emerged with his third single of the year, Holy Moly. And the main character of Glaister's video (played by  undergoes her own strange soul search - but this one begins and ends with blood.

Holy Moly is a wild three-and-a-half-minute ride with all the highly-produced trappings of a classic horror film. Complete with hyper-violence and brawling women of the cloth, there are unmistakeable touches of Dario Argento, while the plot vaguely mirrors that of the fictional-film 'Blood Sister: One Tough Nun', from David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. Maybe that's what Carnage was up to while he was out there finding his inner voice?

It's funny, it's horrifying, it's definitely worth a watch. 

PRO Credits


DirectorEoin Glaister
ProducerJoshua Noon
Production CompanyStink Films
Executive ProducerKatie Lambert
Production ManagerEleri Evans 
1st ADPedro Rilhó
Director of PhotographyJoel Honeywell
Focus PullerEve Carreno
2nd ACLydia Scott
GafferBen Millar
Art DirectorPheobe Darling
Make-upJess Summer
EditorChris Roebuck
Lead actorAlice May Simpson
Film LaboratoryCinelab Film and Digital
Other creditsProduction Assistant: Nellie Heron-Anstead CAST: Alice May Simpson (Azreal), Tracy Collier (Mother Superior), Charlotte Price (Stunt Nun), Charline Garnier (Stunt Nun); Faith Breese (Yong Azreal)

Rob Ulitski - 23rd Aug 2019

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