Rob Ulitski - 22nd Aug 2019

Ed Hobson takes it back to basics for Young Brando's Say Something. Set in the South of England countryside, the visual tells the story of a young couple attempting to hold their relationship together, as their isolation forces them to face reality and decide whether they can stay the course as a couple.

The moody and tense atmosphere is elevated by Ed's dark, contrasty cinematography, making the most of the dense forest that envelopes the characters. 

The brilliance of the simple concept is shown through repetitive, almost clichéd shots of the two sitting on separate ends of the bed, ignoring each other in the car, arguing as they speed through the woods. These images are so ingrained into our brains now that we immediately recognise them for what they are - heartbreaking, stolen moments of regret with a slight tinge of hope.

The end of the video doesn't give us a straight answer to the outcome, so we are just as clueless as the characters in regards to what the future holds. 


DirectorEd Hobson
ProducerYoung Brando
Director of PhotographyEd Hobson
EditorEd Hobson
ColouristEd Hobson
Lead actorDrew Shipsey, Jade Alcock
LabelYoung Brando

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Aug 2019

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