Rob Ulitski - 12th Aug 2019

Criminally underrated pop sensation Alice Chater joins a post-apocalyptic witches coven in Tonight - but if you were expecting something dark and gloomy in Chris Turner (aka Favourite Colour:Black)’s latest video for Alice you'd be very wrong.

With high fashion styling, bubblegum pastel colours and choreography that would make her contemporaries quake in their boots, the video hits the right notes throughout.

The mansion location is reminiscent of American Horror Story: Coven, and a couple of nods to ouija boards and the devil proves that Alice is more than confident letting her darker side out. She knows she isn't a cut and paste pop star, and the video is no doubt an exciting glimpse of what's to come. 

Chris Turner aka FCB:

"For my fourth video for Alice (after Girls X Boys, Heartbreak Hotel and Hourglass), we wanted to do something more colourful, freeing ourselves from the confines of industrial or abandoned spaces we’d used before. But Tonight is quite an apocalyptic track, so it still had to have some underlying darkness, and some reference to the end of the world - this was part of Alice’s original brief.

"There was four or five versions of the idea before we settled on a final treatment, and the challenge for me was to build a cohesive concept whilst incorporating lots of ideas from myself, Alice and her creative partner & choreographer Mark Jennings - which would also include their brilliant choreography. In the end it developed into a witches coven slumber party." 

PRO Credits


DirectorFavourite Colour: Black
ProducerThalia Murray
Production CompanyPark Village
1st ADMark McPadden
Director of PhotographyLuke Scully
Focus PullerNeil Flaherty
2nd ACFrancis Boyter
WardrobeLauren Groves
HairAlex Price
Make-upAimee Adams
EditorMake Whelan
ColouristVic Parker
Post production companyRaised By Wolves
Director's RepresentationMarisa Garner Associates
CommissionerAilsa Robertson

Rob Ulitski - 12th Aug 2019

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