Rob Ulitski - 31st July 2019

Warning: explosive, grisly violence lies ahead in Ian Robertson’s video for Die Atzen. Which you will enjoy very much.

It’s a beautiful day in suburbia… until the electro hip-hop duo Die Atzen crank up the bass far too high. Opening with portraits of happy characters smiling to camera, there is also a sense of unease from the get-go. A garage door rolls up, and the duo are performing behind a turntable and two massive speakers.

This catches the attention of a neighbour, who is trying to wash his car in peace. Slowly walking over, trying not to look confrontational, the neighbour awkwardly tries to catch the pair’s attention. They just both put in ear protectors, right before the bass drop...

Which blows the head off the neighbur clean off. That's just the start of a relentless use of this well-used technique of cartoon violence, to a level of tasteless excess. Nice ladies, children, dogs... no-one is safe from the Die Atzern's bass drop at the mention of the song title = Ballern.

Shot near Bucharest, the filming took place over one day and cost the lives of twenty watermelons and one pink grapefruit (for the dog's head). The special effects borders the line between realistic and silly, but it’s a choice that works perfectly for this project. 

The colour palette is full of bright pastels, and the styling by Suzan Suliman adds a comedic edge, perfectly juxtaposing the savage exploding heads.

The introduction of the police towards the end of the video ensures that the concept isn’t a one-trick pony, and you’ll finish watching with an insatiable urge to click the replay button.


DirectorIan Robertson
ProducerMarius Erhan, Mirabela Nedelcu, Marie Zeller, Gregor Mölleers
Production CompanyEasydoesit
Executive ProducerSebastian Von Gumpert
Production ManagerRaluca Andor
1st ADLaurentiu Dinca
Director of PhotographyMichael Brooke
Focus PullerCornell Popescu
2nd ACAlex Rogojinaru
GafferInacau Florin
Art DirectorIulia Popescu
WardrobeSuzan Suliman
Make-upIoana Opera
EditorZsófia Tálas
ColouristGeorge K
Grading companyBlack Kite Studios
VFXBob Wolf

Rob Ulitski - 31st July 2019

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