David Knight - 15th July 2019

Ewan Jones Morris's marvellous single-shot video for Anna Meredith, uses an unorthodox method to shoot her band performing new song Paramour. It's from a moving train - a Lego train, that is.

Jones Morris worked with 'Lego Master Builder' Gary Davis, to create an extensive indoor track that travels through a series of sunlight rooms, and encountering musicians and their remarkable range of instruments - cello, tuba, oboe and xylophone, as well as electric guitar and various forms of percussion - along the way.

Paramour is the first release from Anna Meredith's second album, FIBS, out in October.


"It took three days to set up and shoot. Gary Davis was our Lego pro and we couldn't of done it without him.

"It turns out Lego trains are completely inconsistent. The speed would vary each time. We went through about 100 batteries, fresh set with each run.

"There was an amazing amount of balletic movement happening behind camera as the band leaped and ducked around the track with tubas and cellos in hand."

PRO Credits


DirectorEwan Jones Morris
ProducerRachel McWhinney
PropsChloe Lamford
ColouristConnor Coolbear
Grading companyElectric Theatre Collective
Other creditsLego Master Builder: Gary Davis

David Knight - 15th July 2019

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