Ned Botwood - 9th July 2019

Dream-team Bree Runway and Fred Rowson continue their ambitious collaboration with this second, pointed foray into the world of 'Crackney'.

Runway has never suffered fools gladly. Her short visual canon is reliably barbed and political. We first encountered her in What Do I Tell My Friends, in which the singer murdered an abusive fashion photographer and desecrated his corpse. This, her first collaboration with Rowson, was a caustic piece of wit in 2017 that anticipated the #MeToo campaign.

Two years later, for Runway’s latest project, the two have developed the cartoonish, satirical world of Crackney. Their magical realist conception of London is a springboard for criticisms of culture and the city, in which dark skin-tones are a profitable commodity and Runway doppelgängers run amock.

Big Racks takes aim at rigged capitalism and white gatekeepers of industry. Gentrifiers, procedural bureaucrats and trendy columnists who feel entitled to a piece of Runway (“I must touch your hair!”) This episode hones in on a beauty tycoon character we met in 20N. This time, the businesswoman is trying to secure a patent on her home brewed ‘Be Runway Body Spray’. Leading with the headline, “57% of ethnic minorities feel they have to work harder to succeed in a British workplace”, the video skewers the myth that hard work is the only factor at play in personal success. Even with a fistful of cash, she can only secure a deal with a literal paper bag over her head.

The video benifits from some hyperactive, mixed-format photography by Stefan Yap. And a fresh, comic book colour palatte, for which we can thank stylist Holly Adamthwaite and colourist Edwin Metternich. Spiky politcal satire rarely looks so fun.

PRO Credits


DirectorFred Rowson
ProducerGhandi El-Chamaa
Production CompanyBlink
Executive ProducerLaura Northover
Production ManagerEllie Britton
1st ADTom Allan
Director of PhotographyStefan Yap
2nd ACStephen Dunn
GafferKieran Brown
Art DirectorLucie Red
WardrobeHolly Adamthwaite
HairMarvin Francis
Make-upPaige Cole
EditorBen Crook
Editing companySpeade
ColouristEdwin Metternich
Post production companyGlassworks
Post ProducerChloe Ensor
CommissionerMartha Kinn
Other creditsBusinessman: Mark Kitto Hench Man: Shane Sandford Hench Man: Tat Supreme Bree Assistant: Lasharne Martin Bree’s Mum: Stella Bree’s Brother: Nathan Mensah Journalist: Django Chan Reeves

Ned Botwood - 9th July 2019

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