Promonews - 8th July 2019

Michael K is a humble supermarket drone in his video for Money, the first release from his upcoming new album.... Or is he?

Louis Bhose toys with perceptions of happiness relative to wealth, and the addictive nature of luxury, as Michael and his compadre Tom Misch apparently opt for flashing the cash around rather than anything more fulfilling, while Murren Tullett delivering a retro look with the cinematography.


Whenever you think maybe they realise there’s more to life than just the empty pursuit of money, we jump right back into the $$$ lifestyle

"A bit like the song - initially an upbeat refrain, on closer inspection a warning - I wanted to make a video that you could enjoy fluffily. Expensive cars! Sunsets! Lots of lovely CASH! If you were to watch it after waking up from a nap, you’d think Michael had escaped the doldrums of the minimum wage and made it to the big time.

"But, if you haven’t just napped, I hope you’d get the following... That the secret millionaire/undercover boss format is one of those things you start watching feeling deeply cynical - the format basically a love letter to capitalism - but then, in spite of yourself, become rather caught up in. It’s a show that you know to be glorifying personal wealth while pretending to be something else, but it totally works.

"In this vid, we turn that on its head - pretending to glorify personal wealth, while actually saying something else. In the most arch, playful way, the good times never stop for Michael and Tom. Whenever you think there’s going to be a moment of clarity, a moment where maybe they realise there’s more to life than just the empty pursuit of money, we jump right back into the $$$ lifestyle. And by never revealing that, hopefully we stay true to the song - initially fun, but suggesting something darker underneath."

PRO Credits


DirectorLouis Bhose
ProducerHayley Williams
Production CompanyAgile Films
Executive ProducerHayley Williams
1st ADDavid Ceballos
Director of PhotographyMurren Tullett
Focus PullerLaurent Poulain
Art DirectorPhoebe Darling
WardrobeThomas Liam Davis
HairPatty Marti
Make-upPatty Marti
EditorCharlie Von Rotberg
Editing companyHomespun
ColouristMatthieu Toullet
Grading companyMPC
Post production companyMPC
Post ProducerLeianna Campbell
Director's RepresentationOB Management
CommissionerEmily Tedrake
CommissionerMarco Grey

Promonews - 8th July 2019

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