Promo News - 15th May 2019

Natalie Neal brings a dreamy quality to her video for Thayer Sarrano's shoegaze-influenced The Eternal, placing the singer-songwriter within landscapes and then manipulated with in-camera effects, via prisms and different formats, to great effect. 

Sarrano says: “I'm glad that in [the] video, I get to be a soundtrack to a natural world that is also supernatural, with prism lighting and colored landscapes, because it feels like the place where it came from – that place of eternal/love.”

Composed in the wake of a close friend’s passing, Sarrano has said the song is about “how we are all eternal beings, so we don’t die,” and “It was healing to me to think about time not being linear and the idea that music is this transcendent thing beyond the body that makes it."


DirectorNatalie Neal
ProducerNatalie Neal
Director of PhotographyChantel Beam
Focus PullerTerra Gutmann Gonzales
GafferKalea Way
Art DirectorIsaac Moody
WardrobeKristin Condia
Hair & Make-upGordon Banh
AnimationJulian Petschek
EditorNatalie Neal
Director's RepresentationNamesake Content
LabelGuildwater Group
Other creditsStill Photography - Kelsey Hart

Promo News - 15th May 2019

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