David Knight - 18th Apr 2019

When a young lad enters an amusement park, in John Nolan's video for Stone Roses legend Ian Brown, you get a feeling that something special is about to happen. And you won't be disappointed, as Nolan, a master of the art of animatronics, has crearted something remarkable here, and turned Ian Brown into a curious, chilling fairground attraction.

The boy, played by fine young actor Noah Jupe (A Quiet PlaceSuburbicon), finds a kiosk in the shadowy corner of the fairground - and it contains the head of Ian Brown - a very lifelike animatronic version of Brown, that is. The head is the giant Zoltar robot in a fortune telling machine, which grants a wish to the boy.

Also featuring Brown himself performing From Chaos To Harmony, this is a beautifully made film - also starring Daniel Peacock (Quadrophenia, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves) as the fairground owner - and shot by DoP Stuart Bentley. 

The animatronic 'Zoltar robot' of Brown was constructed in Nolan's studio in Stoke Newington, North London, and the video was then filmed in the fairground and arcade on Southend seafront, and clearly a true labour of love by Nolan (who's previous work includes videos for Lamb and UNKLE, and the hilarious short Nolan's Cheddar). 

And Nolan will be bringing his amazing Zoltar box to Manchester's Piccadilly Records this Friday, 19th April...


"Ian is my favourite artist of all time so I contacted him with the idea. I then spent four months making the robot, with six different heads, the box, other props etc, which were all taken down to Southend for the shoot. 

"Southend was tough, crazy cold - it was always an ambitious shoot...I was told to put the camera down at 5am but I loved it. I've worked with Daniel Peacock before but totally blagged Noah Jupe after being told he's £40k per day. His parents are from Manchester, so I begged his agent to share my treatment. 

"Ian is one of the most humble and nicest guys I've ever met, a true gentleman. He's really easy to work with, bringing an entourage of Mancunian massive, with him, including his two boys. He was a lot of fun and always turns in on walking and singing to camera."


DirectorJohn Nolan
ProducerJanka Neustupova
ProducerChristine Smith
ProducerLorraine Smith
ProducerJohn Nolan
Executive ProducerEmma Biggins
Director of PhotographyStuart Bentley
Production designerBobbie Cousins
EditorRichard Graham
Costume designerHannah Glossop
Production CompanyJohn Nolan Studio
VFX CompanyThe Mill
1st ADKieron Phipps
1st ADJonathan Sidwell
Production CoordinatorJuan Orihuela-Cuesta
SteadicamTom Wilkinson
1st ACAdam Conlon
2nd ACMatt Wright
GafferDave Nye
GafferDom Aronin
Hair & Make-upLauren Gregory
Other creditsAdditional Music & Sound: Daniel Nolan Animatronic Effects: John Nolan Studio Production Assistant Ben Wrabs Art Department Assistant Ruby Hirst Props Driver Bill Burn 3rd Assistant Director Scott Claydon Runner Greg McNeill-Moss Camera Trainee Oceane Maitre DIT Philipp Morozov Phantom Camera Laura Healey Phantom Camera Jack Rowley Costume Assistant Emily Davidson Desk Op Daf Cook Electrician Bill Rae Smith Electrician Callum Crisell Electrician Charlie Paddock Electrician Christian Hayes Grip Steve Wells Grip Dave Bradshaw Make up Assistant Francesca Robertson Sound Mixer Andrew Hewitson Photographer Will Grundy SFX Supervisor Jon Savage SFX Technician Collin Tilley Sugar Studios Paul Greer Animatronic Effects John Nolan Studio Art Finish Supervisor Martha Fein Animatronics John Nolan Animatronics Guy Stevens Animatronics Karl Gallivan Animatronics Adam Wright Animatronics Simon Northcott Animatronics Adrian Parish Puppeteer Rob Tygner Mouldshop Supervisor Lousie Dupin Standby/Studio Painter Sue Gallivan Animatronics Assistant Finola McLennan Animatronics Programmer Danny Nolan Animatronics Assistant Charly Nolan Storyboards David Darby Senior Sculptor David Darby Coder Jamie Hamilton Motor Programmer Charlie Hope 3D Scanning Schoony 3D Clean Up Jasper Turner 3D Sculpt Supervisor Rafa Zabala 3D Artist Nacho Sanchis 3D Artist Luciana Paragamin Additional Costume Christine Smith Additional Costume Breakdown Louisa Sorrentino Mouldmaker Olivia Whitaker Mouldmaker Stephanie Wong 3D Fortune Teller Box Design Guy Stevens 3D Fortune Teller Box Construction John Morris - MDM Props The Mill VFX Producer Rosalien Van Der Bom Shoot Supervisor Andrew 'Barnsley' Wood Shoot Supervisor David 'Luddy' Ludlam 2D Lead Artist Andrew 'Barnsley' Wood 2D Artist Joseph Tang 2D Artist Holly McLean Colourist David 'Luddy' Ludlam Colour Assist Daniel Levy Chaperone Katy Cavanagh Chaperone Chris Jupe Panavision Pilot Lighting Alpha Grip UK Additional Actors at Adventure Island: Lowrider Charly Nolan Teenager Chasing Charlie Peacock Father Tristan Schoonraad Child With Balloon Ottilie Schoonraad Thomas Bentley Faith Everett Timothy McDevitt John Shearer Stephen Rogers Fiona Rogers Sheila Glass Mark Shrimpton Mei Lam Wai Ming Lam Pete Steel Errol Francis Cameron Francis Craig Mitchell Glen Passingham Special Thanks To Ian Brown Finola McLennan Noah Jupe Daniel Peacock Conrad Murray Emma Biggins Danny Nolan Christine Smith Lorraine Smith Schoony Barnes Luddy Rosalien Van Der Bom Casey Brown Frankie Brown The Mill MDM Props Virgin EMI Craig Game Christina Shepherd Adventure Island Southend Southend Council Southend Arcade

David Knight - 18th Apr 2019

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