Lassamie Prasimay - 2nd Apr 2019

From Jack A. Bowden comes the video for 25, the latest single from Norwegian funk-soul group, Fieh. Expect bizarre scenes of Wicker Man wizardry and more, as their latest band member is initiated into their corduroy clad collective...

PRO Credits


DirectorJack A. Bowden
ProducerMike Heath
Production CompanyBurning Reel
Executive ProducerMike Heath
1st ADJack Green
Director of PhotographyJoe Douglas
Focus PullerJeff Vine
2nd ACJames Murray O'brien
GafferEd Smith
EditorJack A. Bowden
ColouristChris Bell
Colour grade companyCreep Post
Post ProducerCatia Abreau
SteadicamTommy McMahan
Other creditsProduction Assistant - Jack Anthony Smith, Spark - Robbie Smith, BTS - Joe Elliot, Backline Tech - Micky English

Lassamie Prasimay - 2nd Apr 2019

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