Promo News - 19th Mar 2019

After their great 'origin' videos Guilt Trip and Sleep In The Heat, PUP and Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux now flash-florward 40 years, to the band's dotage, in a grimly believable dystopian version of Canada.

KIDS finds the band, playing themselves in heavy old man prosthetics, broken up and forgotten, with each member living out their own futuristic worst fears (both for their own lives and the world's). When Stefan, their long lost frontman, is discovered in a backwoods trailer, the newest member of the family forces them to confront their legacy, friendship and mortality.

Schaulin-Rioux's tenth video for the band is as heartfelt as all the previous ones, with excellent detail on very unequally distributed technological advancement. It's characteristically bleak, and over the top, but also surprisingly elegaic.

But surely, this can't be the end, can it...?


This is our tenth music video working together, which I think is a pretty rare run

"We were all feeling extra anxious about the ever more horrible state of our world so it felt pretty natural to try and set something in the shitty future. The band are all big Back To The Future / Blade Runner / Idiocracy / Demolition Man fans and they quickly built a Google doc of all their favourite post-apocalyptic jokes and we tried to cram as many in as possible. This is our tenth music video working together, which I think is a pretty rare run."


DirectorJeremy Schaulin-Rioux
ProducerAmanda Fotes
Production CompanyMad Ruk Entertainment
Executive ProducerMatt Power, Rey Mendoza
Production ManagerMeika Wagner
1st ADAidan Shipley
Director of PhotographyDiego Guijarro
Focus PullerAiden Carter
2nd ACGianluca Basile
GafferAlex Poutianen
Art DirectorAlexis Debad
WardrobeSteph Major
Make-upAndrea Brown, Indiana Allemang, Alison Sharp
EditorJeremy Schaulin-Rioux
ColouristZach Cox
VFXJeremy Schaulin-Rioux
Lead actorJessica Avsenik, Pup
Director's RepresentationMad Ruk Entertainment
CommissionerJoe Goldberg, Mac Cregan
LabelLittle Dipper
Other creditsFashion Line By Hayley Elsaesser Sound Design By Spencer Sunshine

Promo News - 19th Mar 2019

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