Promo News - 14th Mar 2019

It’s been a while since crowd-sourced videos were all the rage. So it’s a delightful to see that our favourite Canadian punks PUP have got together with their fans to create this wildly experimental and very entertaining communal effort orchestrated by regular collaborator Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux. 

In January 2019, three months before their new record release date, PUP put out "The Zine is Over Vol. 2" a printed magazine of jokes, photos and art. It also contained the bass chords and lyrics to a new song, "Free At Last." The band requested friends, fans and other bands to try their hands at writing and recording an arrangement of this new song - before anyone had ever heard it.

In the end they received over 260 totally unique versions of their unreleased song. From metal to ska to eastern european hip-hop to a professional Opera cover, no two versions looked or sounded alike.

For the Free At Last music video, they wanted to create an instructional version on how to play their actual version of it, but then of course we started messing around with some green screens and adding in everyone's cover versions and everything went off the rails like usual.


DirectorJeremy Schaulin-Rioux
ProducerAmanda Fotes
Production CompanyMad Ruk Entertainment
Director of PhotographyAmanda Fotes
EditorJeremy Schaulin-Rioux

Promo News - 14th Mar 2019

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