Promo News - 19th Feb 2019

Carlos Lopez Estrada and Jeff Desom give us the whole incredible story of Israeli megastars Static and Ben El's meteoric rise from loafing couch jockeys to global superstars... and finally, when all Earthly options are exhausted (including the movie and the inevitable Broadway offshoot) interplanetary explorers. All thanks to a very precocious young man, who gives them the heads-up on the important message of Tudo Bom.

So be prepared for unicorns, aliens, J Balvin, large group choreographies, rocket ships, and probably kitchen sinks too. It's bonkers, but that's okay. Everything is Tudo Bom, apparently... 


DirectorCarlos Lopez Estrada
DirectorJeff Desom
ProducerKimberly Stuckwisch
Production CompanyLittle Ugly
Executive ProducerKimberly Stuckwisch
Director of PhotographyMatt Wise
Art DirectorEthan Feldbau
EditorTaylor Brusky
Post ProducerNaheem Adio
VFXVitaly Verlov, Andres Jamarillo, Ben Kadie, Tim Hendrix, Tanner Merrill
CommissionerTarga Sahyoun
LabelSaban Music
Executive ProducerNeil Garvey
Executive ProducerCarlos Lopez Estrada

Promo News - 19th Feb 2019

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