David Knight - 18th Jan 2019

The video for Ottolenghi is a hard act to follow, but Louis Bhose puts his own marvellous spin on the world of Loyle Carner in the new video for You Don't Know. He does a great job - with help from the rapper's mum.

As Loyle Carner's close relationship with his mother Jean Coyle-Larner is well known, his fans will instantly relate to this comedic scenario, where Loyle tries to keep tabs on his mum on various dates, occupying every job going down at her favourite restaurant, from sommelier to CCTV security to cab driver.

Loyle mainly plays a melancholy cocktail barman, in a decent double act with his guest rapper Rebel Kleff. But it turns out that Jean has real star quality too. If you squint, there's even a passing resemblance to ubiquitous screen star Olivia Colman.

And it reaches a peak of charm with Jean having dinner and a lovely chat with none other than poet and national treasure Benjamin Zephaniah. A great result for everybody. 


I can't decide if my favourite is cab driver Loyle or bartender Loyle... or the unfortunately mooted vengeful demon Loyle

"I really enjoyed entering the Loyle-verse. From quite a tender place, Loyle had a really fun brief which we had a great time expanding (with Connie Meade from AMF too). Somewhere, deeply embargoed and NDAed, lies a Word doc with a list of potential cameos - I for one am happy we got the incredible Benjamin Zephaniah.

"There was a great vibe on set, and judging from the rushes, [Benjamin is] a deeply engaging conversationalist. I can't decide if my favourite is cab driver Loyle or bartender Loyle... or the unfortunately mooted vengeful demon Loyle. Either way, have a watch and lemme know your fave."

PRO Credits


DirectorLouis Bhose
ProducerEleri Evans
Production CompanyAgile Films
Executive ProducerHayley Williams
Production ManagerFreddie Barrass
1st ADClara Paris
Director of PhotographyMurren Tullett
Focus PullerPete Bateson
2nd ACKai Newton
Art DirectorPhoebe Darling
WardrobeNil Tomakan
HairJess Summer
EditorKit Wells
Editing companyFinal Cut
ColouristMatthieu Toullet
Post production companyMPC
Post ProducerLeianna Campbell
Director's RepresentationOB Management
CommissionerConnie Meade
LabelAll My Friends
LabelVirgin EMI
Other creditsArtist Manager: Tommo Greer Sound Design: Fred Pearson Casting: Emma Garrett

David Knight - 18th Jan 2019

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