Promo News - 14th Dec 2018

"The idea behind the song is my experience of learning to let go of past experiences in order to open yourself up to love and trust, instead of being fearful and keeping yourself closed off from the world. So the video is just symbolic of that - immersion, baptism, being born again." says artist and director Helena Coan. 

She's a seductive presence in the sensual video for Baptise, shot by DoP Felix Schmilinsky on one of the hottest summer days this year by a quarry lake just outside of London.


DirectorHelena Coan
ProducerHelena Coan
ProducerFelix Schmilinsky
Director of PhotographyFelix Schmilinsky
Focus PullerMalte Huebner
ColouristMyles Bevan
Grading companyTimes Based Arts
Lead actorKane Chattey
Other creditsThanks: Kelly Amundsen at Panalux, Steve Bliss at OBR Studio, Amin Mueller & Time Based Arts

Promo News - 14th Dec 2018

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