David Knight - 16th Oct 2018

There's no getting around it - Armageddon has happened. That's what we're presented with in Elliot Dear's new video for Jon Hopkins: the consequences of an event that has left the world in ruins, denuded of Life.

Only, in Dear's beautifully constructed table-top version of a post-Apocalyptic nightmare, there is a tiny bit of hope - or rather a seed.


DirectorElliot Dear
ProducerAlex Halley
Production CompanyBlinkink
Executive ProducerJames Bretton
Production ManagerSandy Liddle
StoryboardistSimon Cartwright
ConceptStephen McNally
Director of PhotographyMax Halstead
RiggerDan Gill
Stop Frame AnimatorSteve Warne
Puppet DesignElliot Dear
Puppet DesignMagdalena Bieszczak
Art DirectorEmma-Rose Dade
EditorElliot Dear
Other creditsModel Maker: Kat Simpson, Adeena Grubb, Catherine Prowse, Rebecca Howell, Jack Charrington Art Department Runner: Meg DuPont Runner: Ernie Griffith Compositor: Elliot Dear, John Malcolm Moore, Luke Simpson

David Knight - 16th Oct 2018

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