Lassamie Prasimay - 13th Aug 2018

Maddy King's video for Australian electronic duo Moza opens on images of a young motorcyclist gliding through empty roads with a background of white-tipped mountains, an alluring image of freedom. But it turns out that the young man carries a heavy burden. 

Firstly he must steal to survive along his jounrey, and then we realise that this journey through breathtaking New Zealand landscapes has a tragic dimension. Maddy King shows skill in bringing us into his world, while revelling in the harsh but stunning natural beauty of the world around him.


DirectorMaddy King
ProducerMaddy King
Director of PhotographyMiller Best
Focus PullerJimmy Bollinger
ColouristMatt Fezz
Lead actorLukas Radovich
LabelUniversal Music Australia
Other creditsTracking: Toby Wilson Aerial: Tony Young

Lassamie Prasimay - 13th Aug 2018

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