David Knight - 14th May 2018

Chris Turner (aka Favourite Colour: Black) keeps it simple, powerful and genuinely lo-fi for Esya - that's the solo project of Ayse Hassan of Savages. 

A single set-up covers Hassan's performance with an edit dictated by the fallout from shooting on a VHS camera onto an analogue TV. It's a video portrait, as stark and atmospheric as Hassan's uncompromising music.


"The debut video for ESYA - the solo project of Ayse Hassan of Savages and Kitebase - was shot for love, using only a VHS camera and a 4.3 TV, with the aim to make something more akin to a portrait of Ayse rather than a music video. 

"We wanted to reflect the multiple textures of the song with glitches and distortion. There's so many VHS apps and plug-ins but nothing gives you the chaos and analogue beauty of the real thing."

PRO Credits


DirectorFavourite Colour: Black
ProducerIssy Luke
Production CompanyPark Village
Director of PhotographyLuke Scully
Focus PullerBianca Leonie May
GafferLuke Scully
Make-upMartina Luisetti
EditorChris Turner
Director's RepresentationMarisa Garner Associates
Other creditsFrancis Boyter

David Knight - 14th May 2018

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