David Knight - 26th Apr 2018

Father John Misty attempts to check out of his own personal Hotel California in Jeff Desom and Carlos Lopez Estrada's fabulous video for Mr. Tillman.

When FJM leaves this Coen-esque establisment, glancing at the model of the hotel in the lobby on his way out, he enters a universe where his sense of self and independence is remorsely exposed as a sham. Each stage reveals another part of the puzzle and deepens his nightmare of helplessness.

This is beautifully achieved by Desom and Lopez Estrada, every shot essential to moving this riveting psycho comedy-horror forward. To quote another Father John aka Josh Tillman song, it is total entertainment forever.


DirectorJeff Desom
DirectorCarlos Lopez Estrada
ProducerJennifer Goodridge
Production CompanyLittle Ugly
Executive ProducerKimberly Stuckwisch
Director of PhotographyNiko Wiesnet
EditorCarlos Lopez Estrada
VFXJeff Desom
Director's Rep (US)Reprobates

David Knight - 26th Apr 2018

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