Promonews - 22nd Mar 2018

Just when you think you've dumped your girlfriend or boyfriend, it turns out they've dumped you. That's the principle behind Dylan Holmes Williams's video for Banfi's Never Really Cared, where several biters get well and truly bit, in increasingly imaginative episodes.

Banfi bandmembers are always on hand to witness these small catastrophes too - at least until a middle-aged astronaut decides to give Earth itself the big heave-ho. It's an epic finale to a thoroughly entertaining work.

Not quite sure about Dylan's account on the making of the astronaut's scenes though. Surely smoking in space isn't allowed...?


"DOP Lorenzo Levrini and I spent days trying to work out how we might pull off the ‘space’ effect in postproduction, but reluctantly agreed that it wasn’t possible and would have to be done in-camera. 

"Filming in space is not without its challenges, but one thing nobody tells you is that you can pretty much get away with available lighting."

"I had a play with the budget and realised that if we scrapped contingency we'd have just enough to get a micro-crew past the stratosphere. Production were unsure at first because of the high likelihood of overtime, but I think once we got there, everyone knew it was the right decision. 

"Filming in space is not without its challenges, but one thing nobody tells you is that you can pretty much get away with available lighting, as there's no clouds and you're a lot closer to the sun. Also, it turns out there’s a lot of myths about ‘not taking off your visor’ and ‘cigarettes not igniting without oxygen’ that don’t really apply as long as you have a crew that back you.

"Big shout out to Andrew at the European Space Agency for hooking us up with the rockets at the last minute!"

PRO Credits


DirectorDylan Holmes Williams
ProducerCharlie Holling
Co-ProducerMischa Andreski
Production CompanyRubbernecker Films
Production CompanyToma Productions
Executive ProducerSeany Stuart
Executive ProducerAnthony Toma
1st ADTy Hack
Director of PhotographyLorenzo Levrini
Focus PullerMarcus Albertsen
2nd ACElisa Spigariol
GafferGiovanni Mattei
Art DirectorLaurel Chic
Make-upKate O'shea
Casting directorLouise Collins
EditorGregory Hayes
ColouristJoseph Bicknell
Grading companyCHEAT
VFXHarry Davidson
Director's RepresentationLas Bandas Be Brave
CommissionerNatalia Maus
Other creditsElectrician: Ben Law Art Assist: Atikah Zainidi 3rd AD: Johnny Pickup Cast: Matthew Morrison, Chris O’Toole, Bertie Newman, Ella Mcleod, Yssy Del Amo, Alice May Simpson, James Copestake, Richard Ho

Promonews - 22nd Mar 2018

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