David Knight - 18th Jan 2018

Drew Cox returns to promos with this complelling solo effort for French alternative band Poumon, shot in the narrow streets of old Bordeaux.


"The video was shot over two days in Bordeaux using only friends and family. The song is about family/crew and the stitches that bind us in the chaos. We stumbled across the location on the night of shooting while walking around and we shot the main performance over four takes in the freezing cold. I then shot the cutaway shots of the starling murmurations around the Bordeaux cathedral and the stitched lung the next day.

"Poumon translates to ‘Lungs’ in English - a symbol of breath and suffocation. Life and death. Ride or Die. I wanted the video to have that same feeling. A melancholic longing for family. I also wanted to challenge myself to completely create the video solo, no production crew, no budget, no extras, just one man, an idea, a camera and a laptop, to prove that it’s not about the size of the crew that matters but the heart of the beast.

"Thank you to Poumon and all the crew for welcoming me into your lives and showing the love and trust to tell a part of your story."


DirectorDrew Cox
ProducerDrew Cox
Executive ProducerDrew Cox
Director of PhotographyDrew Cox
EditorDrew Cox
ColouristDrew Cox
VFXDrew Cox
Other creditsWritten, Directed, Shot And Edited By Drew Cox.

David Knight - 18th Jan 2018

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