David Knight - 23rd Nov 2017

This short film by Joseph Delaney for his subversive zine SORT follows the rise and fall of an imaginary cult. Written and narrated by Rose McGowan, who herself was raised in a cult, the viewer is given an inside look at the hedonism, communalism and isolation of Delaney’s fictional sect.

The result is a dark, stylised and subversive video laced with nudity, underground fetish clubs, submission and domination. Part of an interesting subculture emerging that crosses music, politics and fashion, Delaney says: "The narrative around the global political situation is reading more and more like the retelling of some cult-like dystopian world, so maybe it's time to hijack that narrative."

Watch 'SORT 'The Cult Film' by Joseph Delaney' here

PRO Credits


DirectorJoseph Delaney
ProducerLucy Swan
Production CompanyLEZ Creative
Executive ProducerMary Calderwood
Director of PhotographyHolly Lucas
WardrobeMatt King
HairNatalie Shafii
HairShaun Macintosh
HairThomas Silverman
Make-upMolly Portsmouth
Make-upMona Leanne
EditorToby Heard
Grading companyTime Based Arts
Director's RepresentationMary Calderwood
Other creditsMakeup: Cast: Tadgh, Harald, Harry, Tiffany, Danielle, Chelsea, Jordan, Eva, Becky, Freyja, Daniel, Karim, Al Ly, Basti, Benjamin, Oliver, Jam Others: Olivia Valentine, Naked And Never Worse, Chloe Rosolek, Danielle Goldman, Georgia Hope, Melanie Christou, Jonathan Hughes, Carlyn Gritscti, Regina La

David Knight - 23rd Nov 2017

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