Luke Bather - 30th May 2017

Director Sacha Barbin draws inspiration from the Russian Orthodox Church in this incredibly shot study of faith and morals for Isaac Delusion.

Following a priest from his church and through an urban landscape into the icy wastes, we witness a man's religious epiphany and a painful adult baptism. Stunning cinematography by Mathieu Plainfossé, fresh from a nomination at the Berlin MVAs, and fantastic, contrasting production design between the grand churches and minimal outdoor ice chapel create a rich tapestry of religious symbolism.


DirectorSacha Barbin
ProducerJulie Mathieu
Production CompanyPhantasm
Director of PhotographyMathieu Plainfosse
EditorTianès Montasser
ColouristMathieu Caplanne

Luke Bather - 30th May 2017

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