David Knight - 6th Mar 2017

High Contrast, aka Lincoln Barrett, falls foul of an unsympathetic audience in Chris Turner (aka Favourite Colour: Black)'s video for Shotgun Mouthwash – which features on the new T2 Trainspotting soundtrack. In fact he finds himself in a roomful of Begbies...

Turner reveals that the video was inspired less by Trainspotting than Marina Abramovic. "It came out of a conversation with Lincoln where he said he’d always wanted to make a video where he gets beaten up by the crowd," explains Turner. "This reminded me of the Marina Abramovic 'Rhythm 0’ experiment - so we set out to do something where Lincoln is attacked with increasing hostility by his audience." 

"Due to the nature of the song, this was the first video of mine where I had to perform in it myself and not just singing but acting, with stunts, too," adds Barratt. "So it was quite a challenging prospect for me but thankfully we found a great director in Favourite Colour: Black who was very collaborative and encouraging. The team he put together were fantastic and the rehearsal before the shoot with the stunt team was invaluable in making everything run smoothly on the day as there were so many stunts and they all involved me getting bashed about!

"It also helped that the set felt like a real movie shoot with a great cast of character actors who were very easy to bounce off and most of the time I didnt really need to act but rather just react naturally as they were so convincing. It's also crazy to see the clips from T2 Trainspotting in the video, cutting from shots of me singing to Renton and the gang – pretty mindblowing for someone like me who saw Trainspotting as a young teen and got their first taste of dance music and club culture from it."

PRO Credits


DirectorFavourite Colour: Black
ProducerThalia Murray
Production CompanyPark Village
Executive ProducerJoe Walker
1st ADEdward Bellamy
Director of PhotographyLuke Scully
Focus PullerDaniel Deighton
2nd ACLouis Spanswick
GafferGreg Krzeszowiec
Art DirectorChris Turner
WardrobeGemma Carmichael
Hair & Make-upKrystle Gohel
EditorCraig Coole
ColouristVic Parker
Grading companyRaised By Wolves
Director's RepresentationMarisa Garner Associates
CommissionerLincoln Barrett
CommissionerMarisa Garner Associates
Label3 Beat
Sound designEd Railton
Other credits3rd AC: Scott Buxton Band: Cheryl Pinero (bass), Gabi Woo (drums) Cast: Marc Alden Taylor, Kelley Costigan, Richard Nunn, Tom Ball, David Childs, Jessica Collins, Sean Jones, Stuart Whelan, Deborah Rock, Danny Worthington, Scott James, Krystle Jerold, Michelle Sedgemore, Michael Formula, Andrea Sandell

David Knight - 6th Mar 2017

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