Cat Velez - 17th Feb 2017

Blondie are back, releasing their song Fun from their upcoming album Pollinator, with Debbie Harry looking stunning, and a colourful, psychedelia-tinged narrative by NYC-based director Dikayl Rimmasch.

With a performance sequence that the director describes as "flash photography from a punk show," shot with one primary light right overhead of the camera, and an element of science fiction, it's a very stylish piece evocative of decades of pop culture. 

Dikayl Rimmasch describes the main character in the narrative element of the video as, "a beautiful androgynous kid kind of drugged-out, cruising to Mars and finding a party there. Or maybe the whole trip was in this characters mind. We didn’t want to take the sci-fi elements too seriously, so we did these light-hearted animations and shot in this minimal Apollo capsule set."


"We studied [Blondie's] videos and they had this quality of not trying so hard to be conceptual or overthought. They were making them before videos had formulas, so we looked at a lot of references of other videos from that time.  I don’t know if you can ever really go back there, but it was a reminder to stay open-minded and not overdo it. 

"People love the band, and everyone came on board in a family kind of fashion, and it was really just a lot of fun. It was of course amazing and one of those memorable moments in life to be right on the other side of the glass from Debbie Harry. There is nothing I can say about her that hasn’t already been said. Except maybe working with her so close is like stepping into the bubble that the good witch from the east floated around in, and for a moment you’re in a other dimension. Truly other worldly."

PRO Credits


DirectorDikayl Rimmasch
Production CompanyGood Company
Executive ProducerRyan Heiferman
Executive ProducerTrevor Potts
ProducerStephen Holtzhauser
ProducerJulian Pinder
Production ManagerLeyden Pavlova
Production CoordinatorPhilip Ujlaki
Director's RepresentationChloe Page @ Lock It In
Set PhotographerPola Esther
1st ACEzra Bassin-Hill
GafferDavid Bismuth
GafferAdam Klimaszewski
StylistOlivia Carrano
Stylist (Artist)Lisa Fries
Art DirectionNash Lundquist
Production designerAlex Delgado
CommissionerCarrie Sutton
Other creditsBand Tech: Rick West

Cat Velez - 17th Feb 2017

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