Cat Velez - 16th Feb 2017

Following the first part released before Christmas, Jamie Carter has now delivered the second in a trilogy of videos for British punk outfit Creeper, played alongside their track Black Rain.

Cutting between Creeper's impassioned and solemn performance, the haunting narrative continues, two days after the opening chapter of the story, following a cursed middle-aged man as he pieces together the ghost story that is driving him mad. Suddenly identifying the jet-black wearing band members in the street as an integral part of his puzzle, he becomes adamant in meeting a mysterious woman in their clan...


"This is my favourite of the trilogy that we have created. Filming the performance set-up in this incredible church was actually the first thing we shot, so perhaps I'm looking at it through rose-tinted glasses as we hadn't gone through the painful all night shoots by then!

"The band's idea was to draw reference heavily from Romeo & Juliet, but obviously bring their own unique Creeper stamp to that. We worked together to make sure we had all our crosses and candles in place for the incredible shot of James, our main character, walking down the aisle. Their energy and enthusiasm for this whole idea comes through effortlessly in this video, and they made the whole day an absolute pleasure. To find a church like that in London was incredible, so big thanks to Jay Wennington for that! Big thanks to Paul and Rohan, DOP & Producer, who made this look incredible."


DirectorJamie Carter
ProducerRohan Scully
Director of PhotographyPaul Mackay
Executive ProducerWilliam Nichols
Production CompanyThe Firepit

Cat Velez - 16th Feb 2017

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