Cat Velez - 6th Feb 2017

My Sway sees the first video from Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident's last album, Let Me Be Gone, taking the form of a graphic, highly stylised collage clipped together from photographs, articles and various bits of footage with lyrics overlaid on top.

The video is a posthumous homage to six years of musical collaboration between Joseph 'Slow Joe' Manuel Rocha and The Ginger Accident, aka Cedric de la Chapelle and his band, provides an animated glimpse into an unlikely musical partnership that went beyond the differences of age, culture or social status.

The 64-year-old Joseph Manuel Rocha was born in Mumbai, 1943 making the acquaintance of Cedric de la Chapelle in Goa, India when he offered himself as a tour guide. After fifty years of wandering, writing poetry and using drugs - and without having previously performed on stage -  Joseph left India in December 2009 to give the first concert of his life at the Festival Transmusicales in Rennes, France.

Slow Joe died in May 2016, just after the completion of his his third and last album, Let Me Be Gone. 


DirectorAlex Guimerà
ProducerAlex Guimerà
Production CompanyHic&Nunc Filmworks
Production ManagerGuillem Ventura
LabelMusique Sauvage
Other creditsRéalisation: Hic&Nunc Filmworks Direction / Animation / Postproduction : Alex Guimerà Coordination : Guillem Ventura Calligraphie : Ricardo Rousselot (Grupo Erre) Scannage HD : Daniel Caño (Haut Touch Retouching Studio) Photos / Vidéos : Johnny Rocha, Cyril Erbin, Marion Gaillard, Yohann Sento, Baghir, Pascal Vila, Laurence Papoutchian, Mathieu Roland-Gosselin, Marie Colibri, Alice Grosnier, Thierry Collet, Raphael Gianelli-Meriano, Hic&Nunc, Alan Giboudeaux, Cédric De La Chapelle, Romain Clément, Pierre Gros - Écrit, Composé, Arrangé Et Réalisé Par Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident Slow Joe - Chant Régis Monte - Claviers Cédric De La Chapelle - Chœurs, Percussions Alexis Morel Journel - Basse, Fuzz Josselin Varengo - Batterie Enregistré Et Mixé Avec Ray Borneo @ Studio Petrol Chips Masterisé Par Chab @ Plus XXX (P) & (C) 2017 Musique Sauvage / Distribué Par [ Pias ] France - Thanks: Carlos And Cynthia Rousselot, Xavi Mirapeix, Senén Armengol, Maite Cardò, Sala Monasterio, Johanna Tonini, Movies For Festivals, Romain Clement, Sonia Morales And Pol Guimerà.

Cat Velez - 6th Feb 2017

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