Luke Bather - 25th Jan 2017

Bif, the French directing/VFX/animation duo based at The Mill in London, made people sit up and take notice with their first music video, for Azel Phara. Now they have created an amazing, over the top piece of CGI fun for Shy Luv.

Using 3D models of the band, Bif (that's Jules Janaud and Fabrice Le Nezet) have created a bizarre endless skydive wherein the producer-DJ duo are replicated beyond count, tumble through a blue expanse past huge, statuesque women (including guest vocalist Cherie Jones. The bodies stretch, bounce and morph like rubber, colliding into each other and making hilarious shapes and patterns - an experience as enjoyable as it is bizarre. 


“Firstly we used a photogrammetry scanning system to recreate a perfect 3D model of each character. Using CGI allowed us to integrate impossible camera shots that we could then animate the band into and populate each scene the way we wanted.

"By applying physics and dynamics forces we managed to get very interesting results: the band alive and moving inflated like balloons as well as diving in the sky in a very organic way.

"We also shot the band performing against a blue screen, acting as if they were skydiving. We filmed various angles of the female models using low angles, wide lenses and slow motion to increase the impression of larger scale scenes. The idea was to shoot the girls as if they were gigantic statues.”

PRO Credits


Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
Executive ProducerMatthew Fone
ProducerNatalie Arnett
Line ProducerMatt Posner
Director of PhotographyKatie Swain
Focus PullerGraham Martyr
Post ProducerRebecca Perry
ColouristMick Vincent
Post production companyMill+
Director's RepresentationJoceline Gabriel

Luke Bather - 25th Jan 2017

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