Luke Bather - 4th Jan 2017

Patrick Blades' Crystal Fighters video is a bike ride through a quiet world where everyone's temporarily checked out.

Beginning on quiet residential streets, there's no indication that there's anything amiss in this quiet bike ride until you notice the errant foot sticking out from behind a wall, and that's when things start to turn a little dystopian.

Blades manages to create an impossibly empty world reminiscent of the opening scenes of 28 Days Later except in place of zombies, you've got yourself an ocean of people, lying on the floor with VR Headsets on, clearly enjoying the bright and colourful party that keeps intercutting the ride. Is it a party worth joining? Well, if you can't beat 'em...


DirectorPatrick Blades
CommissionerJohn Hassay
EditorFlaura Atkinson
Editing companyThe Quarry

Luke Bather - 4th Jan 2017

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