Luke Bather - 19th Dec 2016

Vaults' version of One Day I'll Fly Away is the soundtrack for this year's annual blockbuster John Lewis Christmas ad. It says something for the standalone video - the music video directing debut of choreographer Alexandra Green – that Buster the boxer dog's antics on his family's new trampoline are not missed.

This is a wonderfully choreographed piece of work, exploring the many facets of the self. Human bodies undergo metamorphoses to become flowing shapes growing from a centre, and a series of impossible mirror shots further fracture the idea of the self. With costume flowing and sprawling around the dancers, and a dramatically sparse location to boot, the video is a visually striking piece of contemporary dance with a rich, classical twist.


"One Day I'll Fly Away combines an emotionally-charged performance with surreal, haunting movement focussing on human vulnerability.

"Having worked with Vaults for over two years I knew Blythe could perform beautifully and with the intensity and physical height that the visuals required. She brings a darkness and light to them. With Blythe as the anchor and centre point, I wanted to explore themes of self-reflection, escapism, and loneliness but simultaneously human strength.

"Inspired by the works of Nadav Kander, Caravaggio and Juno Calypso I created two worlds linked subtly through the reflections, styling, and performance. Blythe in one instance is performing to fractured versions of herself in an intimate set up and in another is reflected in a black lake, seemingly alone in a vast space until she is flanked by 16 dancers.

"The choreography is beautifully grotesque, a human wingspan that shifts, ripples and undulates with Blythe. An extension of her emotion, they empower her, support her as she leads the movement but is always on the brink of being taken over, until she is left alone again."

PRO Credits


DirectorAlexandra Green
ChoreographerAlexandra Green
ProducerDrew O'Neill
Director of PhotographyTim Sidell
Production CompanyBullion Productions
CommissionerJames Hackett
LabelVirgin EMI
Production AssistantChelia Batkin
1st ADDan Gibling
2nd ADJack Meredith
Focus PullerChris Hayden
2nd ACJonny Lewis
DITBen Marshall
SteadicamMihalis Margaritis
GafferSam Alberg
SparkSeb Lamb
SparkMichael Smit
Balloon TechnicianLee Mills
EditorJo Apps
Other creditsChoreography Asst: Simon Donnellon Art Director: Dale Slater Art Dep Asst: Frank Styles Makeup / Hair: Lauren Reynolds Makeup Asst: Sophie Davina Stylist: Minna Attala, Claudia Walder Stylist Asst: Emily Davies, Gabriel Harvey Runner: Sanne Beijer, Abel William, Romain Richard, Artur Haluda

Luke Bather - 19th Dec 2016

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