David Knight - 12th Dec 2016

A girl wakes to find that she has turned into a demonic version of herself, in an increasingly jungly bedroom, in Londoner Chelou's video for Halfway To Nowhere.

It's directed by Andy Baker, whose credits include a stint working with Becky & Joe on their Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series, here animating the distinctive work of London-based illustrator Polly Nor. She specialises in bringing together realistically imperfect girls and perfect demons in her bold, sensual, cartoonish style, and that translates really well here.


DirectorAndy Baker
ProducerAndy Baker
Art DirectorPolly Nor
IllustratorPolly Nor
AnimatorAndy Baker
AnimatorCharlie Lane-Bush
AnimatorDaniel Britt

David Knight - 12th Dec 2016

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