Luke Bather - 9th Dec 2016

Luke Davies teams up with grime group Monster Florence in a menacing, cool performance video.

Taking elements from classic grime performances from SBTV and contrasting them against more choreographed, large-scale pop video tropes in this mean-looking black and white clip, Davies creates an excellent, jarring performance video that ramps up the style whilst still remaining faithful to the source material.


"The Monster Florence guys are all very open and trusting when it comes to their films. If they weren’t, this music video would have never been made. The closest thing I could boil it down to was this, and heads up it still doesn’t make much sense… I wanted to take those Grime Daily & SBTV videos, the sort of high-paced, direct performance to camera films. And try to mix it with something with the scale and theatrics of Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” music video. I thought that provided a lot of interesting juxtaposition to play with, and instead of trying to mix the two styles nice and neatly, I decided to let them clash. I think it makes for quite a jarring video that reflects the track and can hopefully really hold an audience’s attention for a few minutes."


DirectorLuke Davies
ProducerAlex Ames
ProducerLeah Joyce
Director of PhotographyDavid Foulkes
Art DirectorKelly Sinclair Smith
Production CompanyFat Lemon
Executive ProducerCabell Hopkins
EditorToby Conway-Hughes
ColouristAdam Clarke

Luke Bather - 9th Dec 2016

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