Luke Bather - 22nd Nov 2016

Toby Ross-Southall captures Jamie T's tour energy perfectly in this ode to the UK - aka Tescoland - shot on numerous formats.

Tescoland is very much a song about Britain, so what better way to illustrate this than with a journey across it. Feeling like a series of postcards in a scrapbook, the video mixes all manner of footage from Jamie's recent British tour to give a poetic energy to the track.

It's gritty, a bit rough around the edges, and miles away from any Stateside polish... the perfect companion to a place called Tescoland, surely? 


"Jamie asked me to come and capture life on the road during his UK tour. It was filmed on a combination of different formats such as HD, iPhone, GoPro, MiniDV and Super8mm at various gigs across the country including Scotland, Manchester, and London.

"I wanted to juxtapose the rowdy nature of the live performances and backstage antics with quiet isolation and downtime."


DirectorTobias Ross-Southall
Director of PhotographyMatteo Sanguinetti
Focus PullerBen Symonds
ColouristHoumam Abdallah
Grading companyMPC
LabelVirgin EMI
Other creditsAdditional Photography: Phil Smithies, Kharn Roberts & Hugh Dennis. Special Thanks: Katy Dickson

Luke Bather - 22nd Nov 2016

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