Luke Bather - 10th Nov 2016

Ryan Staake's video for Schoolboy Q follows the humble marijuana plant in its life cycle from harvest, to buyer and the many channels, deals and deaths that have to go along with that.

It's an interesting POV video that makes the object in question the main character in the narrative - carrying on an aesthetic that APLUS started with their John Muir video a few months back.


"I’ve always been interested in the idea of following an object throughout its lifespan, and what more exciting lifespan to follow than that of weed? We shot this film over three days—traveling from NYC to a Humboldt, CA grow-operation and ultimately finishing up in LA.

"Shooting this way was equally freeing and nerve racking, as many of the setups involved the talent operating camera themselves, with a blunt or nug of weed barely attached to the lens. The hardest shot to film was actually putting the camera in a vacuum-seal bag, that took five crew members and about 25 takes to get right.

"I will say that I took huge inspiration from intimate distribution sequences of Hollywood films, such as the “life of a bullet” in Lord Of War and Blow’s “blinded by the lights” still photo-montage, I love iconic, focused and visually unique sequences like that in big budget films, and hope a shred of that energy came through in this video."


DirectorRyan Staake
ProducerRyan Huffman
ProducerKevin Staake
Production CompanyPomp & Clout
Executive ProducerRyen Bartlett
Executive ProducerRyan Staake
Production ManagerDavid Ledwith
Director of PhotographyKristian Zuniga
Focus PullerMario Mascetti
GafferChris Gould
Art DirectorClayton Beisner (la)
Art DirectorZebah Pinkman (ny)
WardrobeJessica Galvan (ny)
WardrobeCherokee Neas (la)
EditorRyosuke Tanzawa
ColouristDavid Torcivia
Post ProducerAaron Vinton
Director's RepresentationRyen Bartlett
CommissionerDave Free
CommissionerMark Bridges
LabelTop Dawg Entertainment
Other credits- NY Cast - Buyer: Sira P Kante Dealer: Jonathan Gordon - Humboldt County Cast - Trimmer Girls: Brittney Goodman, Matalie Church-Nyberg, Juloni Euan & Katrina Arnold. - LA Cast - Dealer: Royal Martin Thief: Michael Kelly Henchman: Rube Lacrete Girls: Char Edwards, Cree Johnson & Amy Jackson DEA Agents: Kenneth Beck, Jim Jepson & Michael Mello Cop: Frank Mercuri Transporter: Sara Malakui Lane Buyers: Kenneth Apel, Jordon Dion & E-Maginne Grant Label: Top Dawg Entertainment & Interscope Records Special Thanks To 4th Gen Farms, Sunboldt And FulSol Farm.

Luke Bather - 10th Nov 2016

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