Cat Velez - 9th Nov 2016

Silent Tapes' new video is a satirical take on guilty pleasures - visualised in a deadpan, highly stylised manner for electronic pop duo Temptress.

Set in a neon-tinged massage parlour of sorts, Temptress stare us down with their bedroom eyes, eat melted chocolate seductively, receive massages, and pose with busty mannequins...

PRO Credits


DirectorSilent Tapes
1st ADAndrei Enoiu
Director of PhotographyOlan Collardy
WardrobeColine Bach
HairVimal Chavda
Make-upRachel Freeman
Make-upGigi Goustan
Director's RepresentationOB Management
CommissionerNathan Tettey
Other creditsCamera Op | Andrei Croitor

Cat Velez - 9th Nov 2016

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