Luke Bather - 5th Oct 2016

Brendan Canty - aka Feel Good Lost – wrestles with invisible demons in his latest video for Irish singer Talos. The video for Reborn is a smouldering, choreographed social realist piece that follows a woman as she dances around an invisible force that leaves her physically wounded.

Set almost entirely on a housing estate, the video looks at the poetic and heartbreaking beauty in the everyday, whilst artfully confronting the hidden, and seemingly invisible problem of domestic violence.

Watch 'Talos 'Reborn' by Feel Good Lost' here

PRO Credits


DirectorFeel Good Lost
Production CompanyAcademy Films
Director of PhotographyColm Hogan
SteadicamRoman Bugovskiy
ProducerFeel Good Lost
ProducerStephanie Desmond
ColouristLewis Crossfield
Focus PullerJoseph Ingersoll
Make-upArlene Keating

Luke Bather - 5th Oct 2016

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