Luke Bather - 4th Oct 2016

An astronaut tumbles through the sky and lands on a minimalist reflective world in Nez's gravity-defying video for Flume.

With a fluid camera movement that leaves your head spinning, we're treated to a graceful, minimalist dance performance from an astronaut who stumbles onto reflective terrain, like the side of a skyscraper.

With mind-bending VFX, this clip has a hypnotic quality that's only enhanced when another otherworldly, mirrored figure appears to dance alongside our astronaut. That figure may be reflective, but conspicuously lacks a reflection in the glass. A great visual that will surely leave you guessing how they accomplished it.

PRO Credits


ProducerRik Green
Executive ProducerSarah Boardman
Production CompanyPulse Films
Line ProducerAgnes Carnice
1st ADPedro Outon
1st ADAinara Trigueros
Director of PhotographyDani F. Abello
Focus PullerKenneth Santos
Focus PullerZurine Etxebarria
EditorMax Windows
ColouristJason Wallis
VFXCinnamon Digital Effects
Service CompanyFalca
Editing companyHomespun

Luke Bather - 4th Oct 2016

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